Sustainability for All.®

Our goal is to reduce clothing and footwear waste. Our responsibility is to encourage you to extend the use of what you already have, keep it in the biosphere as long as possible, and/or dispose it properly in order to keep it away from landfills to preserve a healthy environment for all.

When we decided to launch The Proper Label ™, our goal was to democratize ecological sustainability. We realized that ecological sustainability [as much as diversity, inequality and inclusivity] is a multi-dimensional issue, that does only depends on the behavior of a group of customers but has to be approached as part of a larger fight against some of the various logic of capitalism, such as endless accumulation and the system as a whole.

Therefore ecological sustainability is fundamentally a social class issue, one that concerns all the layers of society.

Why do we choose to participate to Black Friday ?

Using Black Friday as a false pretense to produce more goods that willl eventually end up in landfills, mainly for the primary purpose to chase profit, has no place in a modern society that aim for higher ideal.


However, in a predominantly capitalistic society; if sustainability is a social class issue, how do we democratize it ? How do we move from "All-Acces" to "Access-to-all"? How do we democratize sustainability when the majority cannot afford it during the year ? Why do we keep burning excess stock ? To safeguard brand image ? We don't believe in Black Friday as a pretense to produce more. We choose to use Black Friday as a canal to make sustainability accessible. We believe that sustainability and exclusivity is an interesting paradox to say the least [...] Why temporarily access to already produced sustainable goods at a more affordable price is still up for debate ?

We choose to position ourselves as agent of change and democratize sustainability.

Finally, one last question remains, do you want to be inclusive or exclusive ?