Why self-isolation feels like being a teenager again

Why self-isolation feels like being a teenager again - The Proper Label ®

No matter where you are in the world, COVID-19 has almost definitely had an impact on your life. For most of us, it’s brought everything to a stop and completely changed our everyday lives, making us sit at home in boredom and dream about what we could be doing. It’s meant dressing up and doing your makeup for a night on the couch, if only for the imagined excitement of having somewhere to go. 

Sound familiar? Maybe because that’s how you felt as a teenager too - like you’re waiting for your life to begin. All this excitement to get out there and do everything is exactly how most of us felt when we got our first job, moved out and really started living. We were filled with this idyllic future for ourselves - cool clothes, nice apartment and a fun life - and although we’ve since been out in the world and got a better perspective, it’s hard to stop yourself romanticizing life post-quarantine, too. 

Moving out from your parents house or going outside after the end of a pandemic is going to have that same rush of true independence, like your life is finally yours to do what you want. For most of us, it’s going to mean going back to the same 9-5 commute most days - but even that is gonna feel good for a while. 

Knowing that life will go back to something resembling normal is a great motivation to make the most of lockdown, and work on all the skills you wished you’d picked up when you were younger and had the time. Although, you don’t have to be super productive in a pandemic - simply finishing that list of movies you always wanted to watch can give you a sense of happiness and help pass the time. 

You could take it one step further, and try discovering new hobbies (or rediscovering old ones) that you can bring with you post-quarantine. Or, you can get access to hundreds of online courses completely free, so boosting your CV with a few relevant skills couldn’t hurt. Taking time to improve yourself and do what makes you happy is one of the few benefits lockdown offers. 

Right now, it feels like we’re stuck in a movie - maybe it’s a disaster/ horror/ thriller, or maybe it’s a coming-of-age film where the protagonist is trying to reinvent themselves ready for adulthood and independence. Whilst your life may not feel entirely like your own right now, it’s a unique pause in which you can take time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be, so that you can come out of lockdown with a fresh perspective on life.