Our code of conduct : The Proper Way ™

The Proper Way ™ is a new approach to fashion and entrepreneurship. We work with principled people who help themselves by helping others improve their lives. We believe in « Good Profit », no high margins or high return on capital, or lots of profit by any mean. The Proper Way ™ means creating superior value for our customers, company, partners and every employee who contributes while consuming fewer resources, always acting responsibly and with integrity. The Proper Way ™ means making a contribution in society without taking advantage of people, with empathy and self esteem as the core of the business. The Proper Way ™ is a win-win kind of way. This is how we strive to manage The Proper label Inc.

Why do we choose to use Sustainable materials ?

Sustainable materials help us to reduce upstream emissions due to cleaner production processes and the use of recycled materials over virgin materials.

Organic cotton is around 50% less emission than conventional cotton due to the limited use of pesticides and fertilisers. All of our textile is certified Standard 100 by Oeko Tex ®, which means tested against harmful sustances and skin-friendly.

Label Certifications :

  • Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex ™
  • Sedex
  • Iso 9001
  • BCI (Better Cotton Initiative)
  • GOTS
  • Organic 100
  • All of our product comply with all European legislation and REACH

Materials list :

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 100% Biodegradable material, 100% Traceable with QR code
  • Hemp, Cork
  • Appleskin ™, Pineapple, Mango & Cherry leather from Spain
  • AD Tech ™, AD Protect P™

What about responsible manufacturing ?

Through better design with the next use in mind and the help of modern cutting techniques, we minimise production and manufacturing wastage.

In addition to increasing energy efficiency, we work with manufacturers that replaced fossil fuel based energy with renewable energy. Solar & Eolian.

Last year, 2020, our sustainable approach with our manufacturing partners in portugal has allowed us to participate to reduce energy consumption by more than 40% and water consumption by more than 20% .

All the energy used is from 100% renewable and traceable sources, having contributed to the elimination of 1,400 tonnes of C02 since its implementation, which corresponds to more than 500 cars removed from circulation and around 2,400 trees planted.

All label certifications are available by request.



What about transportation ?

In order to reduce our carbon emissions, we privilege sea transport over air transport as much as we can. We strive to use sustainable transportation as much as possible through sustainable methods, such as centralized distribution, full truck loading and mobile transportation.

What about recycling ?

We do not think about end of life but end-of-use. Our circular business model enables recycling and reduces the need for new and finite ressources in production. We do not face issues around overstock and deadstock as we opt for on-demand production. Finallly, we are currently rethinking new logistic capabilities to introduce our re-commerce model.