• TPL ® Tote Bag Dove Monogram - The Proper Label ™
  • TPL ® Tote Bag Dove Monogram - The Proper Label ™
  • TPL ® Tote Bag Dove Monogram - The Proper Label ™
  • TPL ® Tote Bag Dove Monogram - The Proper Label ™
  • TPL ® Tote Bag Dove Monogram - The Proper Label ™


TPL ® Tote Bag Dove Monogram

Regular price $220.00 USD

Introducing the TPL® Tote Bag Flagship Dove Monogram, featuring an elegant design crafted from entirely recycled canvas. Perfect for commuting or travel, the bag provides sustainability and chic style. Sturdy handles and a durable leather-canvas combination complete the look.

You are entitled to return your purchase for a refund or exchange your product/s by submitting or sending notice thereof to The Proper Label  ® and postmarking/dispatching the product/s within 14 days of the date on which you have received the product, provided the product has not been materially used or worn.

Our collection of recycled canvas bag & leather goods showcases a sustainable approach, with a focus on recycled leather materials. Through meticulous craftsmanship and an emphasis on tracking emissions, we ensure each piece leaves a minimal ecological footprint.

Our recycled canvas bag & leather goods are meticulously manufactured in a cherished family-owned factory, where generations of expertise in bag craftsmanship converge. Embracing sustainable values, our products embark on an eco-friendly journey, transported by sea to reduce carbon emissions. Experience the essence of ethical luxury, making a positive impact with every exceptional piece.

The purpose of our recycled leather & canvas bags is to offer stylish and high-quality products while minimizing the environmental impact. By using recycled leather and tracking emissions, we aim to promote sustainability and responsible consumer choices.

Saved waste
0.09 g
Saved CO2
2.15 kg
Saved water
472 l

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The apparel & footwear industry creates a lot of waste—10.5 million tonnes per year, to be exact. At The Proper Label ®, we're helping divert some of it from landfills, while conserving water and important resources.

Here is the impact you make by purchasing this product.