• BY TPL ® Solo Socks White [Green Dove] - The Proper Label ™
  • BY TPL ® Solo Socks White [Green Dove] - The Proper Label ™
  • BY TPL ® Solo Socks White [Green Dove] - The Proper Label ™


TPL ® Solo Socks [Green Dove Embroidery]

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Crafted with care, these socks offer a healthier choice for your feet and the planet. Made from organic materials, they provide enhanced comfort, breathability, and reduced exposure to harmful chemicals. With a hypoallergenic design and support for sustainable farming practices, these white organic socks are the perfect blend of style, comfort, and sustainability.

You are entitled to return your purchase for a refund or exchange your product/s by submitting or sending notice thereof to The Proper Label  ® and postmarking/dispatching the product/s within 14 days of the date on which you have received the product, provided the product has not been materially used or worn.

Sustainably grown without chemicals, it nurtures the planet's health, preserves biodiversity, and embraces a greener future. Join us in making a difference through conscious choices.

Our socks, lovingly crafted at the eco-conscious Meia Suspensa factory in Portugal, embody the essence of responsible fashion.

Using sustainable materials and ethical practices, each pair is a testament to our commitment to both style and the well-being of our planet. Step into a greener world with every sustainable stride.

Saved waste
0.09 g
Saved CO2
2.15 kg
Saved water
472 l

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The apparel & footwear industry creates a lot of waste—10.5 million tonnes per year, to be exact. At The Proper Label ®, we're helping divert some of it from landfills, while conserving water and important resources.

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