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  • TPL ® Patchwork Denim Jacket - The Proper Label ®
  • TPL ® Patchwork Denim Jacket - The Proper Label ®
  • TPL ® Patchwork Denim Jacket - The Proper Label ®
  • TPL ® Patchwork Denim Jacket - The Proper Label ®
  • TPL ® Patchwork Denim Jacket - The Proper Label ®


TPL ® Patchwork Denim Jacket

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Stay in style and help the planet with the TPL® Patchwork Denim Jacket. Constructed from recycled fabric, this jacket provides a sustainable option instead of traditional denim and displays a timeless, sophisticated style. Accentuated with the Signature Dove logo on the left arm, this piece is the perfect blend of fashion and environmental consciousness.

Our unisex denim patchwork jackets boasts a relaxed fit, offering a laid-back yet chic look for all. Embrace the freedom of movement and ease with a fit that complements any wardrobe. To ensure the perfect fit, refer to our size guide for accurate measurements. Elevate your fashion game with denim that embraces sustainability, comfort and style in harmony.

You are entitled to return your purchase for a refund or exchange your product/s by submitting or sending notice thereof to The Proper Label  ® and postmarking/dispatching the product/s within 14 days of the date on which you have received the product, provided the product has not been materially used or worn.

By using upcycled denim and deadstock materials, our jackets contribute to waste reduction and minimize the environmental impact of fashion production.

Our denim jackets are a testament to sustainable fashion, created from upcycled denim and deadstock materials. Family-owned Lamosa factory in Guimaraes passionately brings them to life, after five years of dedicated development, ensuring timeless style and durability.

Our denim collection embodies the spirit of sustainability by repurposing existing materials, giving new life to old denim and reducing waste. With each thoughtfully crafted piece, we aim to keep the essence of denim in harmony with the biosphere, ensuring a lasting legacy of eco-conscious style.

Saved waste
0.09 g
Saved CO2
2.15 kg
Saved water
472 l

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The apparel & footwear industry creates a lot of waste—10.5 million tonnes per year, to be exact. At The Proper Label ®, we're helping divert some of it from landfills, while conserving water and important resources.

Here is the impact you make by purchasing this product.