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REACH is a European Union regulation on chemicals and their safe use. The Proper Label ™ and its suppliers are obliged to follow REACH’s regulation and restrictions. We don't use any chemicals that are banned by REACH. Compliance to REACH allows companies like ours to prove they are safeguarding human health and the environment. Our mission and responsibility is to find the most ecological materials and ethical suppliers possible. We are constantly trying to improve our products while focusing on durability.


As you know, we’ve adopted a sustainability mission statement since our inception. “The Proper Way ™” represents our commitment to the environment. We manufacture products in harmony with the environment, sell them with integrity to the people that desire them and raise awareness to our community to recycle them. When it comes to our footwear line, we believe that we do things consciously, slowly and carefully. First, we see design as intention, and our intention is to do good and not “less bad”. Which means that from the initial stage of designing, we think about the durability of the product. Our community member wants to wear designs that last. Often we hear about “end-of-life”, but at The Proper Label ™ we design thinking about end-of-use.


All tanners are facing the same problems of minimizing the environmental and health impact of their processes when selling into the global market. The regulatory authorities and the modern consumers are looking more closely at whether hazardous substances, such as certain preservatives and chromium are present in leather products. Our leather is sourced from Alcanena, in Portugal, an ethical tannery who uses an eco-tanning process called “Wet-white”. Its cost is higher than a regular chrome tanning and requires more control. It’s a process that maintains environmental protocols for leather. "Wet -white" tanning allows making chromium-free leathers. This is why you don’t need much to recognize a Proper Sneaker ™. The high softness of its leather gives a pleasant feel and its wearer understands the value of its beauty over time. Our sole is made of traditional synthetic rubber and is slowly evolving to a completely recycled rubber sole. We are working on a vegan footwear line to be released fall/winter 2019/2020.

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