Q:What’s something no one ever asks you but you wish they would?
People rarely ask if I’m ok. I be going through it.
Q:What was your first job ?
I worked two; I was as a teen counselor for a performing arts summer camp! We helped teach songs, choreography, and acting technique to grade school students. I also babysat for a wealthy family on the side.
Q:What self expression means to you?
It means being unapologetically you. It means communicating how you feel, whenever you feel like it. It means freedom to exist without censorship.
Q:What do you feel strongly about right now?
I feel strongly about elevating in my career while uplifting my people, breaking barriers, and equality for all.
Q:What would you change about your industry if you could?
I wouldn’t change anything. I would rather change societal systems that enable the fucked up things taking place in my profession; however I am cognizant that I am where I am because the market is where it is. I can’t change the past; just improve existing things for the future.
Q:Why did you choose to live and work in NYC?
My father is from NYC so I visited the city frequently as a child. I love the heart beat, and that I’m always around people different from myself; it makes me more well rounded and sensitive to the adversity of those outside of my bubble. New York keeps me on my toes and humbles me.
Q:What’s is your top 5 go-to song to get the crowd moving?
At the moment,anything by Yung Nudy, TisaKorean, Xanman, Matt Ox/working on dying, and playboi carti.
Q:What is your best advice to stay inspired ?
Stay out of your comfort zone. If the step you’re taking scares you, follow through. The scariest things are usually the best for us when they don’t compromise our integrity and wellbeing. Trying new things only gives you more depth.
Q:Where can you be found on a Friday night in NYC ?
I’m either at a club djing, attending an event, or in the house with my friends and partner making dinner, watching movies, laughing, and relaxing.

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Questions | Katie Robinson
Photography | Neil F. Dawson
Stylist | Lisa Nguyen

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