Cool and alternative things to do during a pandemic.

It’s a strange time. it’s like nature is telling us to stay inside for the good of the world, away from family and friends, away from our everyday life pre-pandemic. For certain, it’s a simple adjustment but for others, it feels like an existential Check up. While the pandemic feels like a test that no government knows how to pass, we are facing a simple but complex existential question at home : How do I pass time, when I have time ? We believe that by now, eventually, you understand that you need to stay home and wash your hands repeatedly. We wanted to join the global conversation and give our point of view without being repetitive or plain boring. Those ideas have for purpose to protect our emotional wellbeing and maintain a feeling of connection between each other. 

1.Put clothes aside to give away later.

2.Check our list of universities offering free online art classes.

3.Sign an online petition for a right you want to fight for.

4.Make an uplifting playlist and stream your favorite indie artists.

5.Think about Physical Distancing instead of Social Distancing.

6.Club from your bedroom, Throw online houseparties, Watch Netflix simultaneously, or Engage with your favorite artists online.
7.Open your mind and learn about things that you currently disagree with.
8.Be an active member of your local community.
9.Watch a sustainable-related development documentary.

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